Hi there! We are Kvia Consultancy and Management

We provide Business Solutions

KVIA Management & Consultancy is management-consulting firm that was established and registered in Uganda by a team with practical training and wide experience in business management, Accounting & Hotel software’s, IT services, Human resource services, Local business advisory and capacity building.

The commitment of the firm is to offer quality accountancy and management consultancy in a professional manner that adds value to the operations our clients. The firm is registered in Uganda and their staff is committed to a strict code of conduct which influences the overall culture, behavior and actions of the firm. The code of conduct determines the nature of the firm in the following key areas.

Since our incorporation in March 2021, we have been offering financial business advisory services to diverse Ugandan and international organizations. We are proud to partnering with our clients, many of whom have been with us since our formative years. Our philosophy of building strong working relationships and proving quality service, responsive to our client needs has enabled us to continuously grow our client portfolio and sustain a high client retention rate.

With our skilled and experienced staff, we provide a comprehensive range of business solutions and where expertise is not available in-house. We continue to invest in and develop our staff and resources so as to build the capacity to serve our clients even better.

As businesses focus more on their core functions and look outside for their support functions, we have experienced significant interest and uptake of our outsourced accounting, Tax, payroll and internal audit services.

Whether you are an individual or corporate client requiring help in registering a new business, setting up your accounting and control systems, handling your payroll or getting assurance services, KVIA is your friendly expert.



We treat our stakeholders with respect, honesty and openness with the belief that transparency is key to establishing best working relationships. Being ethically unyielding and inspiring trust by saying what we mean and doing as we say. As a rule, we conduct our business in accordance with global best practices.

Quality Service Delivery

Being the core expectation of our clients, our operations are in accordance with international standards meeting or exceeding their expectations. We are inspired to do it better.

Team Work

A team that works well together understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. One of the benefits of strong teamwork in the workplace is that team leaders and members become proficient at dividing up tasks so they are done by the most qualified people. We strongly believe that if we empower each other, together, we can deliver on our promises.

Customer Satisfaction

At Kvia, we sit on the same sides with our clients with the utmost goal of seeking solutions to challenging issues irrespective of profitability.

Our Team

Twinamasiko Abraham

Chief Executive Officer

Kyokusingura Olivia

Product Manager

Atukwase Wilfred


Tumushabe Samuel


Our Skills

Human resources 7 years
Tax & Financial Advisory 6 Years
Consultation 7 Years
Online Services 6 years
ICT Experience 6 years
Software Integration4 years

Our Clients

We Work with Small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations.